Shiraz is one of the most consumed red wine varietals in Australia. There is nearly no restaurant where you cannot enjoy the exceptional taste of Shiraz. Speaking of restaurant dinning, have you ever been given a strange look from the waiter when ordering wine and food together? Unless you are a wine expert, the chances are that you have had such experience at least once.

Truth be told, it requires knowledge to make the best pair of food and wine. And Shiraz is not an exception. When pairing Shiraz wine with food, you need to know what exactly you can consume with it and what not. In short we’ve separated the three main rules for pairing Shiraz wine, but before that few words on the flavour profile of this divine wine varietal.

Shiraz can be medium to full-bodied red wine. Its taste profile is characterized by flavours of dark fruits such as: blackberry, black cherry and plum. The fruity taste is complemented with the notes of bell pepper, dark chocolate, clove and black coffee. It is the complex blend of flavours that makes Shiraz a red wine that goes well with meat and wild game, grilled or in a stew. Also, Shiraz makes a good pair for certain types of cheeses, especially aged hard cheeses and roasted vegetables.

Pairing Shiraz Wine With Meat


When it comes to pairing Shiraz wine with meat, the only rule is that the meat should be well-prepared. Due to the fact that Shiraz features spicy flavour, it best matches meats that are prepared with some spices such as garlic or some herbs. When you combine the spices from the wine flavour and those from the food, the result is more than satisfying.

Pairing Shiraz Wine With Pasta


The combination of pasta and wine equals perfection! But, as long as you know how to make the perfect combination. Shiraz goes well with most creamy pasta sauces and sauces with meat (especially poultry). Also, feel free to spice up your pasta dish with your favourite spices when drinking this wine.

Pairing Shiraz Wine With Fish


When it comes to Shiraz, fish is banned, unless you want the wine to overpower the taste of your dish. Due to its full-bodied texture and intense spiced flavour, Shiraz is the last wine to pair with fish. It will literally make the taste of the fish vanish in your mouth. For this reason, when ordering fish at a restaurant, stick to light wine with a more delicate taste.