As the practice of well-being that’s stood the test of time, yoga is more than just a refreshing workout. Coming from the Sanskrit word for “union”, yoga can help you bring the body, mind, and spirit together. Along with helping you stay fit, and shed the unwanted kilos, it can assist you with getting to know yourself better, improving your health inside and out. Unlike sports, yoga isn’t just about the focus on physical ability, but on strength, both physical and mental. Yoga also improves the breathing, thanks to the many pranayamas, and it brings about relaxation. It makes the world a better place!

Moreover, yoga is so popular because you can practice it anywhere, as opposed to sports. However, with such a wide range of yoga products online and in brick-and-mortar stores, the question many yogis have is whether to practice with or without it. As opposed to sports, yoga props aren’t going to break your bank, and you don’t need much to establish a home practice, starting from getting the basics, like the mat, a belt, a block, and a bolster.


Created by yoga practitioners and teachers, yoga equipment is meant to improve the practice altogether, providing comfort and support both of which are essential to mastering the asanas, and primarily flexibility and balance. Just take the example of one of the top-selling yoga products online and offline – the yoga mat! Unless you’re one of the traditionalists or pros who’ve had years of practice, you can’t expect to make the most of yoga when done on a hard floor. When you have the props, you don’t have much room for giving into talking yourself out of practicing yoga in the first place. Props can be the motivation you need! Besides, they are also meant to be useful with improving the effectiveness of the asanas.

Another reason to convince you to buy the adequate gear when deciding to reap the benefits of yoga has to do with how compact they are, and you can set them up anywhere where you intend to practice. Once you’re done with the practice, you can easily store them without fretting there isn’t enough space. Also on the plus side, even if you end up giving up yoga eventually, you can still use the props. Just think of the many ways you can repurpose the mat for example. You can use it instead of beach towels, to prevent slipping accidents around the home (even used under carpets), wrap up objects when transporting them to avoid scratches and damage, as an essential piece of comfort when camping, as well as to keep things clean at the pets’ eating area.

These are just some ideas, and we bet you can come up with plenty more in case you stop being a yogi, or ditch the old mat for a new one. You have to agree yoga props make quite the investment!