When going camping many things can go wrong. Before judging anyone though, we have to remember that we were all beginners once and we all had to deal with our “first camping mistakes” at some point. However, even though there are many things that can slightly ruin a camping trip, there are a few “musts” that almost every camper on Earth has gone through, so we’re here today to tell you the mistakes we’ve done and teach you how to avoid them.


Go With the Flow?

It’s true camping is an exciting adventure, but that doesn’t mean you should take the “adventure” part for granted. For a successful camping trip you should always have it all planned out: the location, the dates, the number of people that will be joining you, the food, the gas… simply everything. Getting some useful info on the weather, conditions and the facilities (if available) is a crucial step in organizing your camping trip. Every single detail matters, no matter how insignificant. Once you’re outside of civilization, you’ll notice the importance of many everyday items, so in order not to feel disoriented make a serious list of the things you’ll need on your camping days. Don’t leave anything to chance and use every opportunity to gear up to the fullest.

What’s Up With My Equipment?

Before you do anything, set up your RV in your backyard or on a field not far away from home and see if everything’s OK about it. Try out those motorhome jack pads, see if the flashlights work and turn on the portable fridge. There’s definitely nothing worse than getting to the campsite and realizing that the battery of your flashlight is out or that you’ll actually need a serious help with the installation of the motorhome jack pads for a more stable RV home. It’s totally fine to be a novice at camping, but reading instructions on the campsite is definitely not your ideal start of the camping trip. That’s why trying your equipment out in advance is really important because apart from knowing how everything works, it definitely saves you from looking like a total beginner on the field.

Should I Buy the Cheap or Should I Go With Quality?

One of the biggest mistakes many campers make is when they choose to buy the most affordable camping items without even considering the rest. First of all, if you want your gear to last and if you plan to live the camping lifestyle for a longer period of time, it will be for your own good if you choose the more expensive option. Why? First and foremost, the cheap camping gear doesn’t really offer a lot of quality. When buying stuff for your camping adventure keep in mind that these items are meant to last for many trips and adventures, not just one season. If you choose the ones that offer quality but are a bit pricier you will get exactly that. I mean, it’s totally understandable if you can’t go fully with “elite camping brands”, but look for them and wait to buy a few on the sales.

At the very beginning your adventure might be a bit chaotic, but I’m sure it’ll turn out amazingly fulfilling at the end. If you stick to at least one advice or two, you’ll have a great first-time experience in RV camping. However you can definitely leave the enjoyment to spontaneity. Happy camping!