Even after all this time, we still haven’t had enough of minimalism – the Scandinavian, that is! Though to the world, it’s known as a trend of the recent years, it’s actually been present since the 50s of the previous century, starting out as a movement away from the competition for opulent home interior décors.

Scandinavian sideboards

Designed by the people, for the people, its main characteristics are simplicity, an understated elegance, complemented with the excellent choice of materials, functionality, and remarkable craftsmanship.

For instance, something as simple as Scandinavian sideboards, tables, and stools can dazzle with the versatility, as much as with the quality, taking into account hardwood, and natural fabrics are the usual basics for the design – all this without breaking your bank. Who knew a luxurious ambiance could be so affordable and easy to achieve?

Then again pieces like Scandinavian sideboards, tables, and stools aren’t the only pieces that can help inject the interior with Scandinavian charm; the wide range of accessories, in the form of cushions, rugs, throws, mirrors, and planters can also assist you with adding a touch of Scandinavian design at home.

What’s specific about all these pieces is the way they fill up an interior with warmth, brightness, and aesthetics – all the reasons we are in love with the design which even though minimalist, still isn’t monotonous. Steering away from monotony is also achieved with accentuating comfort.

Comfort is the essence of the Scandinavian life philosophies, like the trendy Hygge from Denmark, so it’s important to make the abode as comfortable as possible, not neglecting any room in that aspect. You can count on the help of lighting fixtures, candles, mirrors, and of course the cushions, and throws I mentioned earlier, to make your environment cosy.

Warmth comes in the form of nature, thanks to natural materials, and fabrics, whereas the brightness has to do with the choice of colours, predominantly soft neutrals which bring about a positive, calm vibe, resulting in relaxing, and inviting aesthetics.

Remembering it’s minimalism we’re talking about, what’s specific about homes with interiors in the Scandinavian design is they are airy; there’s no sense of confinement, even with small spaces, and storage items like shelves as they don’t usually have doors.

Not going overboard with mixing plenty of furniture pieces, textures, patterns, and colours (the way to go is up to three colours) is the key to success. To best be able to do so is to implement a strategy of balance – add one thing, get rid of another in return.