When it comes to accessories, there is no doubt that handbags are one of the most functional and widely used ones. Whether for work or for going out, handbags are women’s best friend which might be the reason why women can’t get enough of them. (chuckles)

Except for holding the everyday essentials like cellphone, hair comb, makeup, perfume, deodorant, work documents, etc., they are the perfect addition to any look. Generally speaking, there are lots of handbags to choose from, ranging in style, material and colour, however, there are some of them that women consider everyday all-time-favourites.


The Shoulder Bag

According to many studies, shoulder bags are some of the most sought-after types of bags since ever. And the reason is that shoulder bags are considered the ideal and most functional everyday type of bag that can bear all daily necessities. This is especially important for ladies working in offices who need to carry tons of documents on a daily basis. They are available in a range of sizes, out of which the medium and large sized ones are great for this purpose – carrying bulkier staff. Usually, leather or textured suede are the perfect materials for this type of handbag, however, shoulder bags can be also found in neat and sturdy canvas material.

The Satchel

Except for being roomy enough to hold almost everything a working woman needs, women satchels are extremely appealing and stylish. Simpley put, with a handbag like this, women won’t need to carry two bags (an extra one for the laptop, for example) as a medium or a large leather satchel can fit in all the basics. These feature a flat bottom that allows them to stand upright and also a top handle or crossbody strap for easier carrying. The women satchels are available in a range of colours and materials out of which leather is the leader. This is because leather is considered the most elegant, fashionable yet hard-wearing type of handbag material.


The Clutch

Although clutch handbags are usually related to evening night-outs, there are also some everyday types of clutches that can meet your everyday needs. Just like any other type of a handbag, the everyday clutches are available in a range of sizes, so the one you choose should mainly depend on your personal preferences. According to fashion designers, it is best to go for one that has several pockets in order to carry more than your cellphone and lipstick. These also come in various material and colour choices.