The world we live in is constantly evolving, and so are the trends. When it comes to home design, lighting is an important aspect to consider as lighting fixtures and lamps can make or break a room’s feel. Your personal preferences, functionality, and aesthetics are the most important things to consider when choosing the right type of lighting for your home. Sure, you can follow the trends but that is not always a good idea as they come and go really fast, so your safest bet is to buy what you like best and determine beforehand what kind of feel do you want your comfort zone to emit.

shop lighting online

When looking for the ideal pieces of art in the form of lights, it’s always a good idea to shop lighting online. Equipped with the latest trends and some limited edition models, online stores offer an extensive range of choices at rather affordable prices. In fact, the latest trends in lighting are everything but boring, and with solutions this hot you won’t really care about the dark and cloudy winter days and the sun going down.

Maximalism at Its Finest

The most recent trend that has taken the industry by storm is maximalism. Gone are the days when minimalism was IN, now we have maximalism  as one of the most sought-after trends in 2018 where there are no rules of decorating. You can forget about the rule of sticking to the clean and simple lines of light fittings and welcome the bigger in size abstract and sculptural elements with lots of bright colours and amorphous shapes. These maximalism light solutions are a real work of art that won’t go unnoticed, and according to interior designers, they can go perfectly well with textured furniture, animal hides, surrealist and abstract art.

Vintage Filament Lamps

Although maximalism is one of the hottest trends for this year both in home décor and lighting, the industrial one is no exception. Since lighting needs to make a statement, nothing can be more sophisticated and stylish than an industrial looking lighting fixture or lamp, shining in its most appealing yellow colour. What you need to keep in mind before you shop lighting online is that both small and oversized lamps are usually covered with a metal in bronze, rose gold or black tone. These raw and edgy light solutions can make your space more inviting and dazzling.

Thin-Pin Lamps

Elegant, minimal, and eye-catching, thin floor lamps can be placed anywhere you want. Designed to create a warm glow when overhead lighting can be too harsh, thin-pin flooring lamps can be perfectly implemented into any space of your home regardless of the style. Available in a range of colours like rose gold, silver, bronze, candy-pastel, etc., these lamps can provide the needed extra light without being intrusive.

Abstract Chandeliers

The mesmerizing effects of abstract chandeliers is another hot trend this year. Whether you are lying on the couch or resting by the fireplace with a glass of wine, these geometrically shaped fixtures will provide you with the needed amount of light while also emitting elegance.