I know that when you see your little one climbing the ladder to go down that slide your stomach kind of turns a little inside, but hey, if they don’t fall, how will they grow up, right? When thinking about how to create a playground area for your kids, slides may not always come first to your mind along with swings, because you may think that they’re simply not so safe for little kids to play on them unattended. And you’d be right to certain extent; if you were to choose those large, made of heavy metals swings that even if a grown up falls off of them would suffer some pain and damage, I am sure you’d think twice. But the good news is, not all slides were created the same.

kids slides


Fortunately, today the market is filled with amazing types of slide for sale which are specifically designed for little kids; they’re mainly made of children-friendly materials, like plastic and soft wood, and most importantly, they’re small, which means even if your kid falls, it will only make him feel stronger and more secure the next time he climbs the ladder. On the other side, looking for a slide for sale doesn’t have to be only with the purpose of providing fun for your kids; it has been scientifically proven that slides offer kids some developmental benefits as well:


Promoting balance and coordination

Climbing a ladder, even a small one, for a little kid means they need to work with all their body strength to stay in a balanced position in order to climb, position themselves on the slide and not fall at the same time. The mere fact that their brain works so that they don’t fall, leads towards development of sense of balance and coordination skills, along with spacial awareness, since they need to be able to judge when they should slide down, when to jump off the slide and when to put their feet down.


Stretching and flexibility

When kids start climbing the ladder, they use their hands and little fingers to grasp the ladder rings. Here they use significant body strength to hold themselves and push upwards which works towards stretching their bodies and developing flexibility.


Positive social skill development

Where else would your kid learn the most important social skills like team play patience, sharing, and taking turns with other kids? A busy playground and a waiting line in front of the slides is probably the first opportunity your kid will get to learn these things. Moreover, if you install a slide in your backyard, you’ll have an amazing excuse to always have your kids’ friends come over for play-dates.