Success in sport comes hand in hand with proper nutrition. Without it, your body, no matter how full of potential it is, will be like a very expensive car without its fuel. Proper sports nutrition comes with many rules and if you want to be serious about it, you’ll have to learn most of them in order to get the best out of the nutrients, make the right combinations and know the perfect timing and exercise-meals co-ordinance.

1. Breakfast or Break Fast


Nothing prepares your body for the busy day like those first few bites, little while after waking up.
Starting with something small and simple is the key, for instance, a banana and raspberry smoothie or a delicious portion of cereal, including the right sports nutrition products. If your body is not accustomed to having nutrients early in the morning, be persistent for a few days and you will feel a tremendous difference in the energy flow. Managing the level of blood sugar is a task that starts in the morning and creates a feeling of fulness and a source of sustainable energy for your body and mind through the day.

2. Food and Water As Workout Fuel

Working out on an empty stomach isn’t the worst thing you can do to yourself, however, why not help out your body perform better with a simple snack like a piece of fruit or an electrolyte drink. You’ll double your chances for more energy and longer exercise than planned. If you plan to exercise for more than 90 minutes, a piece of fruit won’t do it; you better get high on carbs (rice, potato, cereal bar) and drink a lot of water beforehand.

3. Make Best Friends With Healthy Fats


Foods packed with healthy fats include nuts, seeds and berries. You can freely eat these foods even before going to bed! Although we’ve heard it more than a thousand times that eating some time before going to bed is not recommended, when it comes to people who practice sports, the rule isn’t ‘don’t eat’, but ‘be careful what you eat’. And nuts and seeds and berries should certainly be taken to bed and taken advantage of! Remember that restricting you nutrients intake will also restrict your strength.

4. Recovery Meals Are a Must!

Whenever you’re skipping recovery nutrition, you’re skipping out on the opportunity to get results from your training program. Find out which recovery protocol suits you best, implement it within the precious 30-45 minutes after working out, and have another meal within another 90 minutes after that. The results will flourish!

5. Be Ahead of the Competition!

You will certainly thank yourself if you adhere to everything mentioned above plus, make sure that 1-2 days before your big event, you have your meals planned. That day you won’t have the time for cooking, so prepare your food beforehand and follow through all of the previous sports nutrition rules. This is how you’ll save time on proper digestion and be stress free.