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Leatherman Multi-Tools: 4 Models Worth Looking Into

The Leatherman multi-tools are the most popular ones in the world and that’s for all the right reasons. Leatherman has the largest range of multi-tools, all of which have different features and properties, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Used by hunters, campers and even DIY-enthusiasts, Leatherman tools combine a wide range of […]

There are Many Fish in the Waters and Lures Bring Them Closer

Walking in the fishing department of your local sporting goods or tackle shop is always an exciting experience for newbie fishermen – there are a lot of new things to learn and many choices to make. You’ll see that there are dozens of lures and baits to choose from. Whether you’re just learning how to […]

Why You Should Give Thumbs Up to Fishing

Everyone has a different way of connecting with their deepest self. For many people meditation works pretty fine, for others running or practicing some other sport and of course for some it’s cooking and reading. However, if you haven’t heard, for a lot of people fishing is the perfect relaxing therapy. Connecting with nature is […]

Few Tips on Finding Beach Rods to Go Saltwater Fishing

Whether you are an experienced angler or a just a beginner, having the right fishing tackle is essential for the ultimate fishing experience. Your fishing equipment has a huge impact on your catch as well as on your overall fishing journey which means you need to pay special attention to what you choose to buy. […]

Guide to Fly Fishing

Fly fishing has become quite popular over the last couple years and while there are different variations of fly fishing, the gear and techniques generally stayed the same. If you are someone with some experience then you probably already know everything we’re about to go over, but if you are someone who is new to […]