If you are one of those lucky people that have a great yard or pool then there is no doubt you need sun lounges to compliment your space. There are so many great varieties and styles when it comes to this useful and wonderful addition, it can be hard to choose the right ones for your space. They are ideal for when the weather warms up and you want to read a book, lounge around, or catch a tan. Below we will go over a few different styles you might find hopefully making it easier for you to choose the right sun lounges for your yard.

sun lounges


Submerged Sun Lounge

This is a trend that has really taken off in the last couple years. It has been in nearly every home décor and furniture magazine and it’s not hard to see why. This really is a luxury that only a few can probably do, but stunning nonetheless. If you have a pool that allows you to submerge a proper underwater sun lounge it can be the perfect way to really relax while you’re in there. This is even better if you have space for an outdoor projector where you can watch your favourite show all while in your pool.


Sun Lounges & Umbrellas

This is something that you have probably seen at most beach resorts. Sun lounges are great in their own way but without an umbrella on a hot day, it can sometimes feel like a little too much sun. Complimenting your sun lounge with a matching umbrella is one way to really enjoy the sun without overdoing it.


Choose Coloured Sun Lounges

If you really want to bring some fun into your pool or yard space go for some brightly coloured lounges. There are some great options available on the market that are sure to fit any décor or backyard theme perfectly. Don’t be afraid to play with colours when it comes to your outdoor space to really liven it up.


Wooden Sun Lounge

This can really make things look more natural and relaxing. Treated wood sun lounges can add a really relaxed vibe to your backyard space. They don’t make for an eyesore and look good in almost any pool or yard setting. The look great and are not too formal making them great for family homes and a relaxed vibe.


Non-Traditional Sun Lounge

They come in so many different sizes and shapes why not try something that is out of the ordinary. A great example of this is a square sun lounge with some padding on the top. This can easily be a place to catch a tan during the day and can double and communal seating if you plan on having some friends over.


Fold Away Sun Lounges

This is great for a more urban environment. You can bring them out when the weather gets warm to relax and when you are not using them or the colder months roll in you can easily just fold them up and put them away. This is great for those homes that don’t have a lot of space.