While technology has improved a lot and gadgets have become increasingly sophisticated, the use of batteries to keep remote controls, toys, flashlights, wall clocks, etc. working is still a necessity.

Unfortunately, not all batteries available on the market deliver the performance they promise (even those from popular brands), which makes difficult to know which type can best suit your needs. Therefore, before you buy batteries online Australia battery experts recommend you do a bit of research to make sure you get the most energy for your money.

To make your battery shopping experience more enjoyable, in this article we’ve listed different brand-name batteries (alkaline and lithium) which have been tested according to their performance. Here is what the results showed.


Energizer Advanced Lithium and Energizer Ultimate Lithium outperformed all of the alkaline batteries, but so did many other brands. Out all of the alkaline brands tested, there were variations in performance. Panasonic Digital Power batteries were the most expensive of all the alkaline batteries we tested but scored the lowest rates in our tests. The Duracell Quantum was the top-scoring alkaline battery model.

Although, the results were not much different from the high-scoring lithium models, when it comes to price, these batteries cost less than half compared to lithium batteries. However, lithium batteries don’t contain a corrosive liquid and due to their higher stability, they are often a better choice for hard-to-access of infrequently used devices.

Now that you’re armed with helpful information, you can buy batteries online Australia wide and be confident you’re getting the right product for your needs. In addition to buying the right batteries, there are also a few tips you can use to make your batteries last longer as well as make sure you stay safe.

Always use batteries of the same type, brand and age in your devices, otherwise the batteries may leak or rupture.
Before you put new batteries into your device, make sure you clean the contact surfaces and battery compartments. Use a clean pencil eraser or rough cloth for best results.
Remember to remove the batteries from a device you don’t plan on using for a long period of time.
In case battery leaks and its fluids make contact with your skin or eyes, rinse well with abundant cold water and seek medical attention ASAP.
Used batteries should be disposed properly and kept out of reach of children.