We live in a fast-paced world, no doubt about it. It’s not easy being part of such a world because there’s never enough time for anything. Don’t you just wish you could have some help with shopping at least, instead of being confused when coming across the variety of options?

Well, you’re in luck, because this post is supposed to assist you when choosing from the many options of chairs and stools online and in shops around you, so you’d find the right fit for your kitchen counter.


Many of the kitchens are adorned with counters simply because they are versatile. Along with adding to the style of the room, they double as breakfast tables, as well as bars. This role in the kitchen also extends to the counter chairs and stools online and local shops have in store. When you get on the quest for the ideal chairs or stools, the first thing you notice is the wide range of designs, styles, finishes, colours, and sizes.

This is why it’s important to do your homework before you carry on with the search, because it’s not a simple task: they are supposed to be both comfortable and functional. Since it’s more than important to get the perfect fit height-wise, it’s advisable to start off with measuring the height of the tabletop (from the floor to the top of the counter).

Once you have the number subtract 10 inches, and you get the ideal chair or stool height. For instance, if the kitchen counter is up to 39 inches high, you could make use of chairs and stools with 29 inches of height.

Next step: the number of chairs or stools. To be able to determine this, you have to consider the space as a whole of the seating area, having in mind there should be enough space between each so you could easily sit and stand. Ideally, you should leave about 18 inches of width between them in case each of them is 6 to 8 inches wide. If, however, the chairs or stools have arms, taking up 18 inches of width, then leave 10 inches of space between them.

Now then, details, details! Yes, the choices of materials, styles, finishes, and colours are all up to your personal preference, but it’s necessary to point out this is after all the kitchen we’re talking about – the area of food, and drinks, so you should also consider spill accidents, and stains.

If you’re up for something that doesn’t require that much maintenance, go for metal, wood, or leather. In case you go for upholstery, microfiber is the option that makes for easy cleaning. Then again, no matter the choice, you could always count on cushions for that extra protection. Now, time to do some shopping!