Travelling is always a great idea, no matter whether it’s close or far. It’s the perfect chance to get away from the daily routine but to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, you have to prepare well beforehand.

We don’t all have the same travelling preferences, and when it comes to style I refer solely to the way we pack, so some travel light whereas others carry more than they can handle.

Travelling light is exactly what sets smart travellers apart from the rest so if you want to be one of them, you better stick to the essentials. Taking more items than you can carry would only slow you down, so the ideal is to only travel with a carry-on.

Starting from the basics, regardless of how many days you’d be out and about, it’s advisable to pack up medication and travel products in the likes of toiletries, cosmetics and cosmetic bags.

Luckily, the possibility to buy travel accessories online makes preparations even easier and more affordable, so if you want to save up time and money, it’s a considerable option.

Now I know, some would say why buy medications and carry them all along when you can simply buy at the destination if necessary, yet this is exactly it.


Sometimes unpredictable things happen, like getting the stomach flu or catching a cold, so the last thing you’d need is wasting energy running to the pharmacy instead of treating the problem right away.

Along with the importance to buy travel accessories online it’s advisable to take less clothing than you planned, preferably older so you can toss out during the trip in case you want to buy something new, and save up more carry-on space by rolling each piece because folding only leaves unused space.


If you’re a light sleeper or find trouble getting used to the bed the first night you’re sleeping away from home, don’t forget the ear plugs and sleeping mask – they can save you from a sleepless night of tossing and turning.

To be able to maintain some order in the carry-on, unless there are already compartments in the design, try to make some either by separating clothing and accessories in cubes or bags.

Last but not least, considering how important electronics are nowadays, it’s good to pack a multi-socket because you may not have the one you need in the room; not every country uses the same so be sure to check that before you travel.