So, your little girl has shown an interest in learning gymnastics. In addition to finding the right gym, the right coach, etc., there is one essential part of the process that any enthusiastic gymnast should not disregard – finding the ideal leotard. Leotards have been a staple of ballet and classic gymnastics for a very long time, even before they were popularized by the eponymous Jules Leotard, which is where it got its name from.

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The comfort, design, styling and versatility of the leotard make it an essential piece in the wardrobe of a gymnastic or dancer. The great range of different leotard options on the market today is proof of its status as a timeless fashion article in the world of dance gymnastics. If you are looking to buy gymnastics leotards, here are some tips on selecting the best ones for your little dancer.

First Things First

Parents looking to buy gymnastics leotards for their daughters should first check with the school to see if they have specific requirements concerning the apparel. Some schools set their own gymnastics leotard colour for you to buy, so be sure to also check this factor.


Ideally, leotards should be skin tight. Not so tight that your child’s face turns blue of course, but they should be tight. Gymnastics, either basic or complex, may involve doing something complex and potentially dangerous, and you want to leave as little chance as possible that your daughter will catch herself on her own clothing, trip and fall. Take your child’s measurements to know the exact size you are looking for.


Leotards can be made from several different types of fabrics – velvet, nylon, lycra, cotton and spandex, being the most common choices. Lycra and spandex are great fabric choices for leotards – aside from being lightweight, they are also stretchy without being stiff and scratchy. And because they are stretchy, your girl can fit into them as she grows up. As for leotards for competition, you may want to choose models made from a stiffer material so they can hold sequins and other embellishments.


Leotards come without sleeves or with sleeves of different lengths. They also have different styles in the back, some of which may not be allowed in competitions. So, before your little girl engages in training or competition, make sure you know the regulations in advance to ensure the garment will be suitable for the occasion.


When it comes to the quality of the leotard, there should be absolutely no compromise. Purchasing a few good quality leotards is always a smart decision, especially if your girl wants to bring her dancing to the next level.