Eliminating the tree stumps in your outdoor area is something you must not disregard thinking they don’t cause any harm. Think twice though – sure, removing your them will make your yard look tidier and more organized, but the reasons go way beyond aesthetics. Let’s see what are the potential problems they may cause.

Tree stumps affect the growth of other trees that you may have around – they take away the nutrients that should go into your other trees and plants, causing them to die or wither. Furthermore – safety. Tree stumps can be especially dangerous if you have kids running around in your yard. Kids can easily stumble over the stumps and injure themselves. They also create the perfect living environment for beetles, carpenter ants and termites which are an environmental concern for your home and the other trees in your yard.

stump grinding and removal

So, if you are already convinced that you should get all the stumps in your yard taken care of, consider whether you prefer stump grinding or stump removal. These are the two most common processes used but they are quite different. In this article, we offer you a brief description of the stump grinding and removal processes so that you can choose the option that works best for you.

Stump removal is the more time-consuming and challenging process because the roots are removed along with the stump. This can be a really demanding task – depending on the size of the tree. Root ball can grow from four to ten times the size of the tree trunk and be well rooted to the ground, thus it can be very hard to dig out. This process requires a lot of force and high-power machines. Stump removal makes a huge hole in the ground but on the other hand, you can be sure that there is no way of sprout and regrowth. Compared to grinding, this process is more expensive and more extensive as well.

stump grinding and removal 2

Stump grinding is a process in which the stump is removed but without the roots, which makes it simpler and easier. The stump is removed using special machinery for grinding and the benefit of this process is that the stump can be grounded to your desired height. The small pieces that are left from the grinding are used to cover the ground so there’s no hole. The roots stay inside the ground and are left to decay with time. Most homeowners choose stump griding since it is the easier and less time-consuming process.

Bottom line is, it is of the utmost importance that you hire a professional regardless of the process you choose. No matter how handy and knowledgeable you may be, hiring an experienced company that offers stump grinding and removal services is your best bet to ensure nothing goes wrong and that everything has been professionally taken care of.