Buying an entertainment system for your RV means investing in hours upon hours of pure fun no mater where you are. There is just one little problem. After you finish connecting everything together, you end up with a whole area with tangled cables that looks like it jumped out of some post-apocalyptic, dystopian, cyberpunk movie. I mean, Neo from The Matrix would get lost in that mess and he is the chosen one, he is supposed to bring peace between humans and the machines. No, seriously, I feel like every time I’m not watching, all my cables are trying to start a revolution.

Tv Cord Bag

The best solution to this problem is, however, to get rid of all the cables which are the cause of the problem in the fist place. You can do that by streaming from your computer to a wireless TV or a projector, get a wireless sound system, wireless adapters for all your gaming consoles, and so on. This seems like an awesome idea and I think it is doable, but I bet it would cost you a small fortune. That is why I would strongly suggest to put a little sweat into it and take some time to organise you cables.

First of all, if you have extra TV cables or extension cords lying around your RV, getting a TV cord bag may come in really handy. You can easily find a TV cord bag with decent quality at a fair price. This will help you keep all the extra cables neatly stashed and ready to move around when needed. It will also keep them safe from damage, moisture and so on.

Next, you might want to proceed by labeling your cables for easier future management. It may seem like this is something a person with OCD would do, but it is actually very easy and it comes in really helpful when you need to test or replace a certain cable.

Next, you can start organising your cables and you can do that in several different ways. You can bundle them using wire ties which is one of the simplest methods and if done right, it looks pretty neat. This is also a very cost effective approach. One of my favourite methods, however, might seem a bit counter-intuitive, but the result looks awesome if, again, you do it right. Instead of trying to hide all the cords, you can do the opposite. You can use staples, nails, or even super-glue, to mount them on the wall of your RV around the TV and make a sort of “circuit board” pattern. Not only will your cables be well organised, but you will get this cool looking futuristic décor and I bet all your friends will be impressed.