From roof-top vegetable gardens to window plant box flowery paradises, urban farmers can grow plants wherever they are. Urban gardening has become more than a trend – besides breathing life into dull areas, it also improves the quality of air. Even people living in the urban jungle who don’t have an outdoor space can enjoy the benefits of gardening with the use of self watering plant boxes. These lovelies give you a chance to grow your own organic veggies and herbs even if you don’t have the outdoor space for that, so no more excuses for not eating healthy. Here’s how self-watering plant boxes can make urban living much easier and healthier.

self watering planters

Effortless Watering

Watering is one of the most important aspects of gardening – different plants have different watering needs, which is why it can be a daunting chore. However, with self watering plant boxes that will never be a problem. They have a built-in reservoir which waters your plants whenever their soil is dry and needs water. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the reservoir is full and to set the frequency for watering. Your plants will take as much water as they need so you will be free of this duty. You can freely go on a trip without worrying about how your plants will survive.

Grow Your Vegetables

Thanks to their design and self-watering feature, self-watering plant boxes make growing food a piece of cake. You don’t need to have a big backyard or forty acres of land to produce organic food. They are perfect for home growing and make gardening less of a chore. You can plant in them any vegetables, herbs, and flowers you want to grow and watch them thrive without using any harsh chemicals. Plus, you’ll spend less money on groceries and will rest assured knowing that the fruits and veggies you and your family are eating are as healthy as they could be.

Sleek and Sturdy Design

Self-watering planters are really a sight for sore eyes. They have a clean, modern design which makes them a great addition to any interior design. Their UV-resistant, hard-wearing construction, flexible irrigation, and modular design make them an excellent choice for all weather conditions. If you love the idea of creating a small garden on your balcony or in your kitchen with the help of self watering plant boxes, but don’t have much space or just want to try it out to see how it goes, you can also buy mini wall planters. They are small in size but they’re very versatile. They can be easily mounted on any wall configuration and give you a chance to test your gardening skills.