It’s 2018, and you still haven’t given Scandinavian interior décor a try? Don’t worry, this is yet another year when the Scandinavian design reigns, and even if you think you are immune to it, over time you’d be smitten. The great thing about welcoming this trend into your abode is it doesn’t have to affect your budget considerably, since it’s the trend that’s all about being affordable.

Take the bedroom as an example: the simple addition of a walnut bedside table can be the step you make towards incorporating more of the Scandinavian minimalism at home. The beautiful, natural wood patterns, accompanied by the soft touch and polished look, this type of table can invite more natural warmth into your bedroom – just what you need to turn it into your sanctuary.

Walnut Bedside Table

Though the focus is on simplicity, and functionality, you’d be surprised as to how comfortable, and luxurious the Scandinavian style can be. You can pair the walnut bedside table with the adequate lamps in warm hues (this style is all about brightness!), continue with the light bare flooring so there’d be the perfect reflection of the natural window light, and finish with the addition of a fluffy throw rug right beside your bed for a nice warm touch in the morning, so you can have comfort first thing your feet touch the floor.

Of course, the natural hardwood tones could go well with more earthy tones and textures, in the form of a bed frame, but if you don’t wish to change anything with this for the time being, you can add more earthy colours in the form of mirror and photo frames. Choosing warm soft neutrals as the main colours is a must, even with bedding, but you can always break away from a stale and boring look with contrasts, like vibrant cushions, and artworks.

Though this is the style that requires little to no window treatment, it is after all the bedroom, and it’s common knowledge we need darkness so that the sleep hormone, melatonin, would be produced in our bodies; taking this into consideration, curtains, or sleek blinds, for that needed darkness and privacy, are more than welcome in the sleep sanctuary.

In case you ought to be reminded, clutter can’t find its way when this style is incorporated. If you have piles of things stored under the bed, and clothing all over the wardrobe, now is the right time to start sorting them out, getting rid of everything that doesn’t add to the harmony of the bedroom.