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Known for its dazzling natural beauty and diverse wildlife, the Scandinavian Peninsula is made up of several beautiful countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Located in Northern Europe, it’s the largest peninsula of the continent, expanding over the Arctic Circle all the way to the impressive shores of the Baltic Sea. These countries all have a unique culture that is quite different from the rest of Europe. Wonderful, creative craftsmanship has always been an important part of Scandinavian culture and tradition.

The prominent appreciation for expert craftsmanship and creativity has led to the development of a simple, yet functional style of furnishing and adorning Nordic houses known as Scandinavian interior design. It first emerged on the interior design scene in the mid 20th century and it draws inspiration from the German Bauhaus school . Interior design exhibitions held during the 1950s that showcased beautiful works by Nordic designers led to the establishment of Scandinavian style as a popular trend.

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The main focus in Scandinavian interiors is on functionality. Every element is arranged to add function and create a nice layout, all while making the living space look and feel elegant and comfortable. The best thing about this unique interior design style is its ability to compliment any home setting. With a bit of creativity and a few stylish elements, you can easily infuse your home with Scandinavian charm. The dining room can be the ideal place to start introducing gorgeous Nordic elements into the design scheme of your home. You can instantly spice up the look of this formal area reserved for hosting and entertaining by creating an elegant and cosy seating area with the help of Scandinavian modern dining chairs paired with a uniquely designed dining table.

To choose the best Scandinavian table and chair combo, pay attention to features like size, shape and material. Since Scandinavian style is all about using quality natural materials, most models of modern dining chairs are made from durable timbers that have a rich grain and gorgeous colour that can infuse your dining room with warmth and elegance. In terms of size and shape the choice in this case will depend on the size of your dining room.

The table and chairs you choose should fit the size of the room, while at the same time leaving enough free space for walking comfortably. A round or oval table combined with compact and cosy modern chairs that don’t take up a lot of floor space can the ideal choice for a small dining room. On the other hand, a spacious rectangular table and larger chairs with armrests will better suit a bigger dining room that provides plenty of space for furnishing and decorating.