Spending quality time with your beloved dog while on vacation is priceless. However, you shouldn’t forget to keep it protected when you two go for a swim. Regardless of the breed, every dog needs a dog life vest (even water dogs). Here are a few important reasons why, if you’re still not convinced.

Life Vests Help With Your Dog’s Swimming Ability

Most people think that all dogs are natural swimmers. While that’s generally true, there are some breeds that don’t have that natural reflex to move their paws and get from point A to point B with ease. Plus, even those considered to be good swimmers can benefit from the extra security a dog life vest can offer especially in instances when they spend more time in water and may start feeling fatigued. Dogs with larger chest and small hindquarters are considered as top-heavy breeds that are not good swimmers. Well, that doesn’t have to mean that they shouldn’t enjoy a swim or two in the summer. A life vest can make this experience safe, fun and provide a peace of mind for both the owner and the dog alike.


Life Vests Help Your Dog in Case of Emergency

If you travel by boat and you take your dog with you, having a life vest is of utmost importance. Accidents do happen, and if your dog falls off in the water it will remain safe and much calmer if properly equipped. Even when the dog enters the water regularly emergencies can still be a possibility. The vest will keep the dog’s head above water – even if unconscious, and will also keep the dog afloat if by any chance it gets tired or scared.

Life Vests Make it Easy to Spot Your Dog Anytime

This simple addition can help you be aware of where your dog is at all times. There are many instances when you can lose sight of your pooch, and with a life vest, this won’t last long. These are made using materials with strong, easily noticeable colours that will get your attention in seconds. Be mindful though, it only takes a few moments for you to lose your dog and if you don’t react quickly enough the consequences can be devastating. Moreover, in time, your dog will start to feel much safer when wearing the vest, as opposed to being in the water without it and risking its life.