Side mirrors are one of the most important parts on your Renault which enable you to enjoy full awareness of your surroundings and thus, drive safely. Without a working side mirror, even the most simple of maneuvers that most of us take for granted, like switching lanes, can become dangerous. Driving without two functional side mirrors puts you and everyone around you at risk. That being said, if you have a crooked Renault mirror and are looking to replace it with a new one, you need to know the different components that make up a mirror assembly, and what to look for when ordering a replacement.

Renault Master Van 2010 mirror

The first thing to do when buying a replacement Renault mirror is to assess the damage on your current one. Sometimes, you’ll only have to replace the glass piece, if that’s the extent of the damage. This can save you a lot of money compared to buying an entire side mirror assembly. When shopping for mirror glasses, you should pay attention to whether the mirror glass piece is heated or not. The best way to do that is to look for a pin-stripped heating grid on the back of the glass which has a wire connected to it.

If your mirror is more severely damaged, then you’ll want to consider a couple of more factors when ordering a new replacement. first and foremost, consider whether the mirror’s glass piece is moved manually or operated by a power motor. Power mirrors feature a driver-operated switch that’s usually mounted around the driver’s door panel. Older vehicles used to have one manual and one power mirror. If that’s the case with your Renault, make sure you know which is which.

Then, consider whether your mirrors fold inward. The size of side mirror assemblies has increased in the past few years, so manufacturers have started mounting them on hinges so that you can avoid damaging them when maneuvering them in tight spots. If your Renault is from the last decade, this feature is included, unless it’s a base model. Knowing whether your mirrors fold or not, and how they fold is an important factor to consider when ordering a complete replacement mirror.

And lastly, you’ll have to consider whether your side mirrors have built-in lights. Many modern Renault models have housings that have a built-in turn signal lens, simply because their high-visibility location improves safety. These lights may sometimes double as puddle lights if they’re located in the bottom of the mirror, thus providing light for the ground under your vehicle.