Calculus can hurt your teeth in two ways – if you grind them too much while trying to solve a complicated equation, or if you let it build up on your teeth. Yes, calculus accumulating on your teeth is thousand times worse than taking an advanced math test. It is a thick chalky substance caused by calcium build up from the saliva. This provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive. Sometimes regular brushing is not enough to stop calculus from forming, and in these cases only dental cleaning can eliminate it before it starts causing serious problems to your health.

Getting your teeth cleaned will remove any plaque. Plaque is the calculus mixed with bacteria which lets out acidic substances that damage your teeth. A tooth with plaque is just one step away from forming cavities. Besides targeting the teeth themselves, plague is even more dangerous when it gets into the gums. It is the leading cause for gum disease, an infection of the tissue supporting your teeth. The early stage of gum disease is gingivitis, characterised with red, swollen gums which bleed easily. At this point the disease can be eliminated and its effects reversed only by a professional dental cleaning, followed by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth.


But poor dental hygiene extends beyond your mouth – it can be particularly bad for your social life. Halitosis is the term for chronic bad breath and it is caused by bacteria emitting chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide which smells similar to rotten eggs. Moreover, the presence of bacteria in the mouth can affect your overall health as well. This bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the gums and clog arteries which increases the risk of hearth attack. Plus, it can clog the carotid artery which leads blood to the brain – resulting in a stroke.

It’s important to distinguish between cleaning and whitening. After years of wining and dining and the amount of caffeine intake, it’s normal for your teeth to lose their natural white colour. The shame caused by their yellow teeth, is the reason why a great number of people opt for harsh whitening procedures which destroy the teeth’s protective enamel and leave them vulnerable to bacteria. While this is a pure aesthetic solution, the single aim of dental cleaning is to improve your teeth’s health. It will target the stains and germs deeply docketed in your teeth and even gums. And in that process it will inadvertently make your teeth whiter.

Don’t let fear get in the way of your teeth’s health. There’s an irrational thinking that teeth cleaning is incredibly painful. Don’t trust anyone who says so, either they’re lying or they don’t have the guts to stand a light tickling sensation on their teeth. The soft vibration, the cooling spays of water and a bit of pressure are nothing to worry about. A lot of people later even report that they found the whole process refreshing. If you feel any discomfort, let your dentist know. Waste no time and schedule a cleaning appointment today!