If your business deals with different goods that need to be taken from point A to point B on a daily basis, you need to find a way to do it as safely and as efficiently as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it is a warehouse, hospital, professional kitchen or office industry, having the right piece of equipment is the key to running and maintaining your business efficiently. That being said, let’s move on to identifying the right picking trolleys for your business.

Picking Trolleys

Heavy Duty Sack Trucks

As the name indicates, these trolleys are intended to be used for transporting heavy goods and are most commonly used in warehouses, shopping malls and any other industry that deals with moving heavy items all the time. Heavy duty sack trucks are designed to hold a lot of weight and transport it safely around the workplace. This category of trolleys includes three different models: the stand-alone truck, platform truck, and the 4-wheeled truck.

Tray Trolleys

These trolleys are best suited for use in offices, workshops and mail-rooms. They are designed to help you categorize and order your goods as you transport them. For that reason, this type of picking trolleys are available with baskets or shelves. Their swivel wheels make them easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces even when filled to their maximum capacity. Their shelves or baskets are usually labelled for a specific product so that shift changes don’t effect the flow of work as everything is stored in the same spot every time.

Distribution Trolleys

Much like the heavy duty trolleys, these types are also used in warehouses, stock rooms and supermarkets. However, they are designed with the same features as the tray trolley as this model allows you to transport heavier goods while still storing and organizing them. This way you can keep your products separate from each other and prevent access to items with some shelves being lockable to prevent any unauthorised use. They have swivel wheels to ensure easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Order Picking Trolleys

The order picking trolleys are designed to be used in areas where you need to reach products in high places. They come equipped with steps and a support rail and they are very large and can provide storage for a lot of items. They have castor wheels which help them glide up and down aisles easily, which in turn results in enhanced productivity and efficiency.