If you’re a construction worker, plumber, landscaper or part of any other profession that’s considered heavy-duty, you know how important durable and comfortable workwear is. Especially pants. A good pair of work pants will allow you to move safely and with ease through all kinds of conditions and get down on all fours when the job requires you to. So, if you’re looking for a pair of quality pants for work, here are the most important things to consider.



Checking the fabric is a great way to make sure that you choose quality pants. Nowadays, work pants are commonly made from synthetic and cotton blends. Although this may make them less expensive, it has many drawbacks. For instance, cotton and synthetic blends tend to shrink the more they’re washed, and they wear out more quickly. With that being said, it’s recommended to choose high-grade 100% cotton pants with a weight of at least 150 gsm. Not only is a high-quality fabric durable and offers better protection but it also can keep your pants looking new longer. So, if you choose khaki pants for work, their colour won’t fade away easily.


But what good is a durable material if the pants still rip at the crotch. So, besides picking a high-quality fabric, you should also pay attention to the quality of the stitching. Since you’re going to be moving a lot, your pants need to have rock-solid stitching to be truly lasting. A sign of quality is stitching that is straight, even and tight, without any pleating. Loose threads are a big no-no. For more reinforcement at the crotch-area, look for a gusset inserted into the seam to reduce the stress from movement.


We all pay attention to colours when picking our everyday clothes, and the same should go for work pants too. The right colour of work pants can allow you to stay presentable no matter how messy your job is. Darker colours such as black, brown or charcoal are a great choice for auto mechanics and similar professions as they are great at hiding stains. However, if you’re working in outdoor conditions, dark colours will attract more heat, so opt for a colour that’s lighter but won’t get dirty easily. Considering this, khaki pants for work are a great choice for outdoor work and summertime.

Additional Features

Your pants are a great way to keep the tools you most frequently use within reach. When it comes to organisation, pants that allow you to use a good tool-belt or have a good number of pockets are the best choice. If you’re required to work in wet conditions, make sure that the pants are treated to be water-resistant. And similarly, for people working at environments with fire hazards, it’s important to choose a flame-resistant material.