People get very protective when it comes to their dog or their cat, and it’s easy to see why. While to others these may just be animals, to the owners, they are dear companions that have been by their side for a long time. This closeness means that people usually want to handle everything from the food to the health checks themselves and don’t like to delegate these tasks to others if they can help it. However, there are certain areas where this insistence to do everything themselves can actually work against them, and pet imports are definitely one of those areas.

pet transport services

The undeniably best aspect of any of the available pet transport services that you may choose to engage is that they will handle the heavy lifting for you when it comes to both the transport itself, as well as the paperwork. While the documents are a trivial matter that the trained pet transport professionals have already flawlessly filled out numerous times, to those that are filling them out for the first time, they can be really confusing. Granted, this has less to do with the requirements the documents themselves have, and more with how they are usually full of overly complicated language that no one understands.

When it comes to the import aspect of the pet transport services, every possible precaution is taken in order to ensure that the animals are well taken care of during the mandatory post entry quarantine period. Currently, this period of quarantine in Australia lasts around 10 days for most pets, barring any unforeseeable complications that is. This duration of time is more than enough to be able to sort all of the necessary administrative tasks and take care of all of the biosecurity requirements each animal is expected to meet.

Leaving your pet alone in the care of strangers isn’t a very easy thing to do, even if those strangers are highly trained professionals with years under their belts when it comes to doing exactly these sorts of things. Luckily, those years of experience ensure that you won’t be the first or last customer that brings up such concerns to the trainers, meaning that they will do everything within their power to put your mind at ease during this understandably difficult process. Additionally, most even come with after hours customer support if you ever feel yourself get worried at any point while your pet is travelling.