One of the most overlooked features when designing an interior décor are step lights. If you’re guilty of doing that yourself, don’t worry, you’re not alone! A lot of times, we’re mostly concerned about our living room and bedroom, and we give them all the attention, overlooking the areas that connect the two, including the stairs.

But step lights are incredibly important, especially if the entry to your home is through a foyer. So why not provide a grand entrance for your guests, and more importantly yourself, every time you have to walk through your front door. This can also enhance the look of your outdoor space that also has a lot to provide as a part to the “grand entrance” scheme.


Spicing things up has never been easier, as the market is over-flooded with many different designs. However, with many things to choose from comes the difficulty of choosing the right thing. Anyhow, the most attractive option for most people are the LED lights for steps. Why? Simple because they’re cost-efficient, long-lasting and provide very bright and even illumination. Typically, the most popular LED lights for steps are tread level lights, wall mounted staircase lights, understair and ceiling mounted lights.

lights for stairs3

Tread Level Step Lights

Tread level lights create a very dramatic effect, and are embedded to the stairs themselves. They can either be placed at the side of the step and be angled inwards or can be placed on the front side of the step to create a clinical and uniform look. Alternatively, if your steps allow, you can place them under the “slip lip” that some stairs have, which creates an attractive down lighting effect.

Wall Mounted Stair Lights

Another popular option are wall mounted lights. As the name implies, these lights are similar to spotlights which are typically embedded into the wall with different frequencies to illuminate the stairs. They aren’t as dramatic as tread lights, but can still be attention grabbing and more unique than conventional ceiling lights.

Understair Lights

Understair lights are a less common option, and unless you’re just getting brand new stairs altogether, they might not even be an option. However, these lights give the most dramatic effect out of all stair lights. A small gap is left between the wall and the stairs where the light seeps through. This provides an ultra-contemporary look that will catch everyone’s attention. They can create a deceiving almost chandelier-kind of effect which is very dramatic.