Wallpapers are such a convenient styling option; you can choose from such a wide palette of designs, choose which wall you want to decorate with them, and the best thing is that you can change them when you no longer feel the thrill, or you want to change the style of the room. And since walls are such a big style element (they can dictate the colour pattern and can also complement the furniture), it’s worthy to explore the world of wallpapers and see what is out there that will best fit your needs and ambiance. A designer wallpaper is a category of its own; the designer has a vision of how a certain wallpaper fit in a room as well as what effect should it have over the entire room. Here are the latest trends:

Spring With Flowers

Flowers 1

Flower wallpapers will always have a spot in the interior design world; they instantly make you think of spring, sun and positive energy. From a designer’s perspective, flowers in gentle, soft colours are just perfect for decoration. Clarke and Clarke ‘s offer of flower designer wallpaper is just amazing for the purpose: strong colours like pink, green and purple dominate in the flowery design, making these wallpapers the perfect choice for the walls in your living room along with the colourful pillows you’ll place on the sofa.

Geometrics Are Trendy

Geometrics are trendy

When you think of a modern room design, with a lot of metalic elements like photo frames, decorations and metal legs of chairs and tables, you instantly connect the confusing artistic beauty of geometrical figures with this room, along with the black and white, grey and red colour scheme. And not limited to those only; geometrics will do perfectly well in any colour scheme, including pastels. Ingrid and Mika wallpapers are inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian design, which means perfectly clean lines brought to perfection.

Fancy Modern Wallpapers

Fancy modern wallpapers

Eijffinger has the perfect fancy looking wallpapers; mainly offered in various colours and designs, these wallpapers are the perfect choice if you’re aiming towards achieving a modern look in a room. Have in mind that these wallpapers are pretty rich in what they picture, so don’t use them if your room has too many furniture elements and decorations; you don’t want to make your room a complete mess.

A Vintage Look of Your Walls

A vintage look of  your walls 1

A tile wall is a wonderful décor; it gives a room a vintage look and it dictates the choice of furniture and overall colour scheme. Think furniture accessories like pillows and blankets in vintage colours along with a lot of decorations made of wood would find their place here. A great example comes from Kemra Wallpapers; the Camden Factory Bricks wallpaper pictures amazing tiles in ceramide colour which will go perfectly well with vintage furniture in brown nuances, while the wallpapers that picture wooden walls like the Pally Post Office, will be an amazing addition to any vintage room in white.