Have you moved recently or you are just renovating your home? Want to give a touch of sophistication to your space? Finding the perfect rug that matches the tones of your furniture and has hints of the colors of your accessories is the dream! Well, for some people, looking for the ideal rug can be a real nightmare if they don’t know which factors to consider and what to look for.

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Colours, colours, colours!

Are you a fan of patterned details? If yes, colorful, patterned modern design rugs are the ultimate detail that will add a vivid texture to your home. If you want to go bold in your living room, you can choose a deep red or a brown rug that matches perfectly well with your neutral rocking chair you so love. This way, you can play with colors by adding a bright gold or orange pillow to your plain chair.

On the other hand, a neutral color rug can add a timeless appeal to any room – think white, ivory, brown or beige. Your furniture pieces can be in accent colors and made of more interesting materials, such as chrome or mercury glass to add versatility to your space. Another thing to consider is where you will place the rug. If you put it in a high-traffic area, like a living room or a hallway, and if you have kids or pets, then your best bet is choosing one with patterns and darker colors so that the stains and dirt will be less visible.

Yes, size matters!

Another important feature not to be underestimated is the size of the rug. This almost always depends on the size of the room that you want to place the rug in. For example, if you want a rug that will cover the entire room rug, you should leave a bit space on each side. In this case, the standard border measurement is 18 inches. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a rug for your seating area, you should measure its length and width and look for the next size up. Finally, if you are thinking about placing a rug under your dining or coffee table, make sure the rug is big enough to extend the furniture and not the other way around.

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What’s your style?

If you’re going for a boho-style living room, getting a vibrant rug is ideal. In case you want to achieve a minimalist look in your living room, you can choose a coffee table with clean lines and pair it with a neutral-colored rug. Or, if you want a bit of joyful fun, you can choose one with geometric patterns. Living in a beach house? Then, adding a custom-designed rug with a compass motif on it would be the perfect detail for your room’s ocean-chic design.

Comfort, please!

Probably the most important characteristic of a rug is to feel comfy when stepping on it. Look for a model made from natural materials like wool or cotton. If you are afraid that the colors will fade away, then leave out the synthetic stuff.

Keep it clean

Another thing that you should take into consideration when buying a rug is to check its maintenance requirements and the ways of cleaning it so it will last longer. In order to keep it as good as new for as long as possible, you should clean the rug on a regular basis with a light vacuum and walk-off mats which will absorb the moisture.

Bottom line is, there are plenty of choices when it comes to finding the ideal modern design rugs for your home. Have fun while creating possible combinations with your furniture and choose a model that reflects the real you. The rug may be just a detail, but if you’re even a bit design-savvy, you’ll be well aware that great design lies in just that!