Since almost all activities in the kitchen have to do with using water, it is absolutely vital that you have the right and most convenient type of tapware at your disposal. One option that can surely make all tasks simpler is a mixer tap. Let’s investigate why.

Better User Experience

Mixer taps, when compared to traditional double-handle taps are much simpler to operate, faster when it comes to delivering the required water pressure and temperature, and are child-friendly. It is definitely much easier for your child to use a single-handle tap that can combine cold and hot water, than go through a more complicated process of balancing two taps. Besides being safer and simpler for children, it is beneficial and useful for the elderly as well.

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Economical Product and Simpler Water Control

As mentioned above, a single tap does it all. It controls the pressure and the temperature, plus it does all that while being economical at the same time. When compared to double-handled taps, with kitchen tapware mixer products the process of finding the optimal pressure and water temperature is easier and also time-efficient. More importantly, it also prevents you from wasting precious water while trying to get the right temperature. You will notice the drop of your water bills, and you will help the environment by reducing water waste.

Stylish and Easy to Match With the Rest of Your Design

Even if you remove all the practicality that these taps bring, you would still find them appealing because of their appearance. Most kitchen tapware mixer products come in both sleek and symmetrical design and can be found in different kinds of shapes, material and styles. Their popularity means a lot of choices, which means that you will surely find one that will effortlessly fit into your already existing kitchen layout – be it a traditional country style kitchen or super sleek and ultra modern.

Increase Their Practicality With a Few Additional Features

There are a number of features that can be fitted to make kitchen tapware mixer products even more functional. For instance, you can fit them with a water purifier so that you are able to drink clean, filtered water straight from the tap, or except for drinking, filtered water is also especially useful for rinsing vegetables or fruit. Next, you can add a thermostatic mixing valve that will allow you to set the desired temperature and get it much faster once you turn the tap on.