It is safe to say that there’s no person that doesn’t feel like the Monday to Friday portion of the week is quite hectic, filled with mainly work work and more work. That is why we all eagerly await the weekend – those two days that have to make up for all that mental, emotional and physical distress… And what can two days do against five, you might ask? Well, if you can manage to do a few things to make them worthwhile, you can wake up rejuvenated and ready for new battles on Monday.

Setting the Mood

A nice and long relaxing bath is definitely something that should be on your weekend pampering list. However, instead of hoping immediately into the bath, take some time to really set the mood. Dimmed lights, soothing music in the background and a few scented candles for instance can add so much more to this simple routine and make you feel like you’re in a private spa. Add to all of that a glass of wine or two, some of your favourite chocolate and get ready to forget about the world.

Soak as Long as You Can

Once done with setting up the atmosphere, it is time to soak yourself in the bathtub and add your favourite bath salt, essence or bath bomb. Except for giving you a feeling of relaxation, the combo of all these things can also aid your skin, making it soft, glowing and rejuvenated.

Bamboo Bathrobes

Pamper your Skin with the Softest Bathrobe

Now that you have spent enough time soaking in these precious and beneficial skin products, it is time to move on to the next step of the pampering process. And since this whole routine is about treating your skin the right way, wearing a soft and comfortable bathrobe is the next thing you can do for yourself. When it comes to the type of material, no other can provide you with as many benefits as bamboo. Being antibacterial, highly absorbent and cosy, it is no wonder that bamboo bathrobes are considered one-of-a-kind choice. Even those of you who are prone to allergies can use them as the bamboo bathrobes are hypoallergenic. Although bathrobes usually come with long sleeves, those made out of bamboo fabric can keep you cool when the weather is warm and logically, as all others, warm when it is cold. Your skin deserves to be treated right, and wearing skin beneficial fabrics is one of the steps to having a clean, soft, glowing and healthy one. So, I urge you to choose the colour and size you want, and enjoy wearing it while proceeding with the rest of your weekend pampering routine.

Facial Scrub Matters

Applying a face scrub or peel at least once a week is essential according to dermatologists. This routine can help free your face form the accumulated dead skin cells and make it smoother. You can apply your face scrub right before putting your bamboo bathrobe on as this way the product will be able to penetrate deep into the pores.

Oil up Your Face and Body

After exfoliating, it is time to give your body the needed nourishment by applying your favourite body oil or butter. These are perfect for giving your skin the needed moisture while adding a nice and soft glow. Coconut, almond, cocoa and shea are just some of the many oils/butters you can choose for your body. You can also find combos of several different butters and oils which is the recommended option if you want to reap more benefits.