The Leatherman multi-tools are the most popular ones in the world and that’s for all the right reasons. Leatherman has the largest range of multi-tools, all of which have different features and properties, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Used by hunters, campers and even DIY-enthusiasts, Leatherman tools combine a wide range of individual functions in a single unit.

But how do you pick the best Leatherman? Well, you decide what you need, and look for it in the Leatherman catalogue. If you don’t know where to start looking, worry not – I got you covered. Here are the 4 best Leatherman multi-tools, some of which are very simple and straightforward, while others are packed with features and tools.


The Leatherman Crater

The Leatherman Crater is one of the most simple Leatherman tools and it features a knife, a pocket clip and a screwdriver, making it ideal for a quick prying or tightening job. The blade is made of high-quality 420HC stainless steel that works extremely well with high-production tooling. The handle is reinforced using glass-filled nylon, making the entire Leatherman Crater tool extremely durable without adding too much weight.


The Leatherman Skeletool

Leatherman’s Skeletool is compact and durable, designed for everyday indoor and outdoor use. Its body is made of steel and the handle is made of aluminium scales. That being said, it’s very portable and easy-to-use, and you can easily fit it on a keychain and place it in your pockets. It also features a high-quality 420HC stainless steel blade, a bottle opener and a big bit driver.


The Leatherman Wingman

The Wingman is an average-sized multi-tool that comes at an affordable price. It’s very functional and durable, and unlike other multi-tools, it’s comfortable and easy-to-use, and more compact. In terms of build quality and construction, it’s up there with all other Leatherman tools. It’s designed using 420HC stainless steel, and although it doesn’t come with a belt sheath, you can use a pocket dip. It features a large selection of tools, making it ideal for everyday use.


The Leatherman Rebar

The Rebar is arguably one of the best multi-tools today. It doesn’t have any new-fangled features, but it’s a fully-functioning, multi-purpose tool that’s designed for people who don’t care about the frill that most other multipurpose tools feature. It’s made of premium-quality stainless steel and it features needle nose pliers, consumable wire cutters, conventional pliers, a serrated knife, plain knife, saw, electrical crimpers, and a wire stripper.