For all of us that are struggling to find quality artwork online, tips and guidelines from experienced buyers are very much welcomed and admired. However, such guidelines are very hard to find since the internet is filled with everything and anything and everybody is trying to convince the rest that they are the best. So, how can we know? How can we truly know that what we behold and are about to order is something that will remain with us as an investment of dear worth instead of unpleasant rip off. Stay tuned to the following rules and you’ll quickly learn how to spot the difference between a true artwork and something unworthy of a single smirk.


Attention to Detail

The first thing we notice when looking at a truly valuable piece of quality artwork is the abundance of details. Every millimeter of that canvas has been well-planed and you can feel it just by looking at it. The colours may be dense or subdued, but the trespassing from hue to hue is what crowns it with greatness, unmatched by the carelessly created art we encounter on a daily basis. You can note that the artist stopped and considered, pondered and imagined, discovered and restored what he saw – and beauty was born.

Style Consistency

Once you investigate the attention to detail that the artist has given to the piece, you need to find out whether this is a particular style he constructs, as in creating a whole collection of similar pieces, or was it a one time thing (which rarely occurs with dedicated and serious artists). If the first is true, you really might be on the right path. The artwork you mean to purchase has been created as a part of a deep idea that took a lot of soul digging to come out completely. – In which case, congrats! You’ve got a piece of someone’s soul right there, so to say. Consistency in emotional expression signals deep devotion and pieces of artwork created with such energy are much more likely to beam with an aura of a matching kind.


Last, but not the least – think about what you see… Can you derive your own meaning by looking at the piece? Were you simply looking for quality artwork online out of curiosity and something inexplicable suddenly struck you and had you filled with awe for a while? Passionate collectors state that you cannot feel such bond with artwork unless it is meant to excite and perplex you. It sounds almost as a metaphysical experience, but when it comes to art, eccentricity and reality go hand in hand, don’t they?

In a world filled with so many wannabees, it is essential to learn how to feed our artistic needs without falling in the trap of greedy phonies. Stay aware and support quality art everywhere!