Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, taking part of every adventure along your way, just enjoying every moment, taking all steps to stay positive in a negative world . All this seems ideal, but for someone dealing with back pain, even going a day without the slightest bit of discomfort is already a plus. Yes, life with back pain can be awful, especially if it’s to do with your spine, and you’re struggling with it on a daily basis.

Inversion Table

Along with making you feel incapable of doing certain things you loved to do before, like slouching on the sofa while watching your favourite shows, it interferes with every aspect, making it impossible to carry on with something as essential as sleeping and doing chores around your home for instance.

The good news is even if you wouldn’t be able to fully eliminate it, you can greatly reduce its intensity, without subjecting yourself to painful surgeries. You can do so by turning to inversion therapy, the therapy that involves your body being in a position with your head lower than your heart. This is where an inversion table comes in handy. Latest designs of inversion tables are made to reduce bending, be comfortable to use and come with foldable properties, easy to store at home.

You might be wondering how this would actually help relieve your back pain, but the whole concept of inversion is pretty simple and effective: when the body is inverted, the space between the vertebrae increases thanks to the traction created by the body weight. When the body is in the inverted position, the bad effects of gravity are lowered, and that’s when relief can be felt.

The lifestyles we modern day people lead are all mostly based on sedentary habits, both at home and at work, so we basically sit out our lives away, and this makes us prone to back pain and discomfort. The traction force that happens when you use the inversion table makes it possible for the spine to realign, decompress, and get in the proper posture, which is even better than when you’re lying down, since that’s a body position with 25% of standing pressure.

Apart from helping you relieve general back pain and helping increase back strength, this sort of therapy is also beneficial for your overall well-being; from increased balance, brain function, and reduction of joint pressure, to reduction of mental stress, boosting the immune system, and the lymphatic system, enhancing blood circulation, and defying the ageing process, this therapy is sure to win your heart.

Of course, it takes time to get used to being inverted, so don’t push it. You can start by partial inversion, and then slightly work on reaching full inversion. If you feel like you’re getting enough strength, you can do some exercises while you’re inverted, and amp up the benefits. Some exercises you can combine with your inversion therapy are inverted squats, crunches, sit-up, rotational stretching, back extensions. If you feel like you’re pushing your limits, stop with the activity. You can work on improvement step by step.