Although the main reason we include lighting in our interiors is to illuminate our space for safety and functionality, who says it can’t look great while doing so? Like a gorgeous piece of art, certain types of lighting can grab attention and give the space more depth. So, when choosing the right lighting, not only are you investing in something practical, but you’re also getting something that can be truly stunning. If you’re searching for inspiration on how to use lighting to make a statement in your space, here are some great tips.

designer lighting

Use Captivating Pendants over Centrepieces

When choosing overhead lighting for your living room, dining room or bedroom, pendants are usually your best choice. Unusual pendants are a great way to highlight the room’s centrepiece, whether it’s a coffee table, dining table or bed. For the living room, you can go for one or several ball-shaped fixtures, depending on the size of your space. If you have a traditional dining room, a crystal chandelier can really enhance that old-timey charm. On the other hand, for a more modern space, you may want to consider geometric and sculptural designs, like for instance the Sputnik pendant or a cubist pendant. Since regular stores can often be limited in their range, if you want something truly unique, a great tip is to browse and buy designer lighting online.

Go for Small but Bold Lighting Options

If going for an eye-and-space-grabbing pendant doesn’t suit your space or your taste, you can always rely on accent lighting to do the trick. Sometimes, something as simple as a table lamp can give the space the edge it needs. Lamps with bold shapes, unusual silhouettes or vibrant colours can really make a statement. From traditional to industrial, Scandinavian and contemporary – there’s a wide range of different table laps to choose from. You can even use several designs, as they are often more affordable to shop for. Plus, you will have the ability to move them around whenever you want to make a quick change in your space.

Combine Lighting with Architectural Features

If your room has an asymmetrical shape, columns, a moulded ceiling or moulded walls, steps or other architectural features, consider illuminating them for an increased effect. Not only can these features be accentuated with lighting, but together, they create interesting shadows and silhouettes that give the space some drama. To highlight architectural features, you can use a variety of lighting, however, the types that work best are LED strip lighting and wall sconces. If you decide to buy designer lighting online try to get information on the precise dimensions of the fixtures or strips in order to check whether they will meet your space’s requirements.