Writing a love poem with just your heart, a pen and paper is one of the most romantic things you can do for someone. As long as we have had love and things to write with, love poems have existed. Coincidentally, those are the only two things you need to write poetry. Men are usually those who pursue in a relationship, and we often run into trouble when trying to express ourselves vocally. We would rather show how much we care for our loved one through actions. And they definitely appreciate our acts of love. However, women want to see or hear us expressing our feelings. They want to hear or, in this case, read the words that are behind those actions. They need to know what we have deep in our hearts.

best love poems

Tips on writing the best love poems:

1. You should state the purpose of the poetry right away. You don’t want your loved one thinking that this is the way you’re breaking up with her, or talking about something that you dislike in the relationship. That would be really bad, and that’s not the purpose of a love poem.
2. After stating your good purpose, you should recall on a romantic memory that the two of you shared. That’s really the beauty of a relationship. You two have a history that is unique to only the two of you and your loved one. This will bring up feelings of your shared history in your partner, and because men often tend to forget (sorry for the stereotype), remembering such details about the past scores you a lot of points.
3. Now that you’ve talked about your past together, it’s time for the present. Have something that is a sort of transition to a section about all the things you love about her.
4. Transitioning into the part where you should tell her about all the things you adore about her. First, write a list on a different paper and list all of the different things that you love about your one and only. Write down the things you love about her character, her personality, her physical characteristics, and of course, all of the wonderful things she does for you. When you write them as a letter, write them in sentences.
5. Talk about how she changed your life for the better when she moved into it. Talk about how she makes you a better person and how happy you are she’s right next to you.
6. After all that, you should reassure her of your love and you commitment. Say that you’ll always love her and be there for here, no matter what.