Isn’t it fascinating how most people’s answer to the question “What’s your favourite season?”is summer? It really shouldn’t come as a surprise because the thought of warm, sunny days, combined with white sandy beaches, and sea air and smell can put up a smile on everyone’s face. Yes, summer vibes equal positive vibes. It’s a pity we don’t all live in tropical places where it’s summer year round.

However, great news is there is a way to surround yourself with that summer feel in your very home, all with the simple addition of a certain few elements in the beachy Hamptons style.

Given that it’s a style that came to be right at USA’s east coast group of hamlets, famous for being a seaside resort, you can expect elements, such as the Hampton benches, to immediately freshen up your interior upon welcoming them. Items such as these are bound to bring about stylishness and practicality at the same time, serving both as ornamental pieces, as much as multi-storage solutions.

Hamptons Bench

Best thing about Hampton benches is you can place them anywhere at home where you most need them, be it in the hall to get those hats, and umbrellas in order, in your living room to elegantly showcase your magazines, and plants, or the home office for your paperwork. Throw a few vibrant cushions, and you got yourself another seating option.

What’s specific about this style is the inspiration is of course drawn from nature, or rather its lovely bright summer hues, so you can’t go wrong by pairing your exquisite bench in classic white finish, and gorgeous wainscoting, with sandy rattan baskets to amp up the storage.

If you feel like you could do more with the Hamptons style, go for a bookcase, or hall tree, again in white finishes, and don’t forget to get that splash of colours with accessories in light and dark blue, and the contrasting charcoal. A word of advice, again focusing on nature, is to add more texture choosing natural fabrics, be it for the sofa upholstery, curtains, bedding, or rugs (e.g. jute).

To get an even bolder effect, and make the interior decor stand out, the key is in dark timber flooring. Speaking of dark, you can also add some more liveliness to your walls with an intricate old dark framed mirror, and art prints. You’d discover the more you implement of this style, the more you’d feel inspired to do so, getting different ideas, and the outcome would be eye-catching to say the least. When you surround yourself with the summer vibes, you’d no longer feel the winter blues even in winter.