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Wind Turbine for Home: Generate Your Own Electricity with the Power of the Wind

If there’s one thing we all hate upon getting into the grown-ups world, it’s got to be paying utility bills. You start getting your own salary, thinking you’d immediately be able to start up with the savings, and then reality check – you get piles of bills waiting for you to pay them. Thank God […]

Bamboo Bed Sheets: Get the Best for a Good Night’s Rest

Despite the different lifestyles we lead, we all finish our day in the exact same way – tucked into our beds. And we all want the exact same thing – to be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep that will charge our batteries and prepare us to confront all our daily task with ease. Therefore, […]

Generators: Power Up When the Power Is Down

While there may be something romantic about being caught in a storm (cuddling by soft candlelight), when power outage transforms a modern way of living into a primitive one, staying safe and comfortable becomes a big concern. Surviving without Internet access and phone service is doable, however, when loss of electricity puts food, heating or […]

Most Popular Types of Stair Lights

One of the most overlooked features when designing an interior décor are step lights. If you’re guilty of doing that yourself, don’t worry, you’re not alone! A lot of times, we’re mostly concerned about our living room and bedroom, and we give them all the attention, overlooking the areas that connect the two, including the […]

Scandinavian Homeware Design: Create the Interior of Your Dreams

Though we have all the options to choose from whatever our heart desires, and by everything I mean whatever it is in terms of shopping, we have to admit having all these options can be rather overwhelming. Choosing your homeware design is no different. I’ve gone through a lot of hassle before I figured the […]

Honeycomb Blinds: The Ingenious Window Treatment

I have to admit, spicing up one’s interior style is so much more of everything you never thought it might be. I used to think it was just about buying the pieces I liked, but it’s not so easy when you like a variety of styles. Once I finally made up the right decisions furniture-wise, […]

A Lid for Every Pot, a Contemporary Couch for Every Home

What makes home a home? I’m sure the adjective we can all agree on is comfort. That’s what most of us associate homes with; the sense of comfort we get when we come back from a long day at work is what we all crave. If you ask me, the perfect embodiment of this comfort […]

Self Watering Pots – Why They Never Get the Nots

Container gardening can be the best solution for first-time gardeners. It’s ideal for growing fresh produce in a small spaces, be it the balcony, patio or a tiny backyard. Many vegetable crops and herbs can thrive in containers, such as tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, salad leaves, onions, basil, thyme and chives, to name a few. Container […]

Lack of Space Is an Issue? Mobile Planter Boxes & Pots to the Rescue!

As more and more people are becoming aware of the harmful effects that pesticides and other chemicals used on fruits and veggies sold in supermarkets have, organically grown food is gaining more popularity. While pesticides may be highly effective in managing pest problems in agricultural fields, they have been associated with various health problems, ranging […]

Brush Cutters: Things to Consider Before Buying One of These Versatile Tools

You’ve probably seen groundskeepers around public places using a machine to cut the grass that doesn’t resemble the traditional lawn mowers. Well, that piece of equipment is called a brush cutter, also known as a strimmer. This piece of equipment can be used to cut large areas of grass, cut brushes, small trees and undergrowth. […]