Whenever you need to refresh your interior, houseplants are the perfect solution. Not only do they come in many vibrant colours and unique textures that bring a natural freshness to the space, but they also help clean the air and let out delightful scents all around them. With that being said, you just cannot go wrong with adding indoor plants. Or can you?

No matter how wonderful plants are, they are still living organisms that require specific living conditions and won’t be able to beautify your space unless you take care of them properly. But regardless of how hard we try, some of us are simply born with a black thumb. Luckily, there are some inside plants that are breathtakingly beautiful and easy to take care of at the same time, like the following.


Pothos has luscious, green leaves that grow on trailing stems, allowing it to work well as a climbing plant supported by a trellis or grow from a hanging basket. In addition, it’s also a plant with exceptional air-purifying qualities and has the unique ability to absorb dangerous toxins like formaldehyde from furniture, carpets and other materials around the home. The reason Pothos is a low-maintenance plant is that it can adapt to all kinds of lighting conditions and room temperatures, and doesn’t require frequent watering.

Peace Lily

You’ve probably heard how most flowering plants can be really demanding and difficult to keep alive. However, if your wish is to add a beautiful flowering plant to your interior, there are some low-maintenance options, like for instance peace lilies. Peace lilies produce large, elegant flowers in gorgeous colours such as white, pink or purple. To keep them healthy and beautiful, you only need to keep their soil moist and place them in a spot where they get low to medium amounts of light.


Succulents are the definition of low-maintenance inside plants. They can thrive both in dry and humid indoor conditions and need to be watered once every three weeks. They also don’t need to be trimmed or manicured to look good. In addition, many succulents grow slow and stay small for long periods of time, like for instance cacti and Echeverias, making them an ideal accent for coffee tables, office desks, bookshelves, sideboards and similar spots.

Rubber Plant

Do you have an empty, dark corner you want to spring to life? A rubber plant can be an attractive way to bring attention to an overlooked spot. This low-maintenance plant can grow into a 300cm tall tree and make a major statement in the room with its dark green, shiny leaves. Just let the soil dry out completely between watering, and your rubber tree will grow happy, healthy and beautiful.