Having trouble focusing the flashlight

The head of the flashlight consists of two parts – the Rapid Focus carriage which tapers off into a tube, and the cylindrical part with the reflector lens. In anticlockwise direction, unscrew the cylinder from the Rapid Focus carriage. Make sure to never touch the LED! Further on, remove the Rapid Focus carriage from the light downward and clean all parts from the inside with a dry or a damp cloth. You can treat the O-ring with silicon-free grease. After you are done, close the head of the light. Pull up the Rapid Focus carriage and screw it back together with the cylindrical part. Pay attention though – in all models that have a Focus Lock function, you need to be careful when pulling up the carriage. Make sure that the grooves on the inside of the carriage slide exactly along the tracks which are actually intended for that particular purpose.

Led lenser flashligh

A faulty light

The first thing to check in this case are the batteries – change them for new, full ones and see if they make adequate contact. In case you use rechargeable batteries, double check if they are fully charged. If your LED lenser flashlight is still not working even after you’ve changed or charged the batteries, check if the date when you purchased the flashlight is less than 24 months. If it is, contact the retailer where you got it from so that they can check if this problem is covered by the flashlight’s warranty.

A battery leak in my flashlight. What now?

First and foremost – carefully remove the batteries from your . Clean the battery compartment with a multifunction or penetrating oil so that you clean the leaked battery fluid. This oil can be easily found in any hardware store. Whatever the case, you should always clean the inside of the light compartment with a small, medium-to-hard wire brush.

When should I change the battery?

The time for changing the batteries mainly depends on various things, such as your personal light preferences, the requirements as well as on the fact for how long you still plan on using the light. In certain cases it is advisable to have extra batteries with you or to put new ones before setting out on a long trip. As a general rule of thumb, take out the batteries out of your flashlight if you don’t plan on using it for a long time.