Since forever has the freshly squeezed fruit juice been considered a health elixir; it is 100% natural since it comes directly from the fruit. But is it really that good for you? What many people do not realize is that fruit juice is loaded with sugar because of the fast squeezing process and the large quantity of fruits we use to get one glass of fresh juice.

Consuming fresh fruit is great for you and juicing fresh fruit allows you to consume a lot of fruits at one time. This may sounds good, but as is the case with many other things in life, too much of a good thing can be quite bad. A fresh fruit contains important components that are lost through the fast juicing process. For example, the fiber in fruits is what stops you from eating more than two apples at once but is definitely better to eat one whole fruit than have a glass of fruit juice that is low in nutrients.

So, what one should do? Stick to whole fruits or invest in a good juicer? Given the fact that it is the speed of the juicer machine that kills some of the nutrients, your best option is getting a slow speed juicer.


Which Juicer Is Best For You and How To Get The Most Out From The Fruit?

When comparing the centrifugal juicer (high speed juicer) with a slow speed juicer, the most important thing you should understand is that a centrifugal juicer has special blades that work at super fast speeds, which leads to heat and friction. Centrifugal juicer cooks the produce and this way kills almost all essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Additionally, fast speed juicers cause oxidation because of the fast moving blades that stir more oxygen into the juice.

On the other hand, with slow juicing, the juice is extracted by gently pressing and squeezing the fresh fruit to ensure essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals stay intact. The fruit juice obtained from a slow speed juicer can be kept for up to 72 hours in a glass or sealed glass containers.

Tips On How To Get The Most From The Fresh Juice

  • Do not juice in bulk. Fresh juice is best when consumed fresh. Make a fresh glass every morning; yes it require dedication and effort but it’s all well worth. Therefore, dedicate 15 minutes of your time in the morning to juicing.

  • Limit fructose. Vegetable juices are always a better option as they contain much less sugar. You can always use fruits to sweeten the flavour of the veggie juices.

  • Drink in moderation. Fruit is good for you, as long as you don’t exceed the recommended amount of daily sugar intake.