No, it’s not cliché to dream of romantic getaways to the European city of love, Paris, planning out picnics and eating savoury meals while listening to Édith Piaf singing La Vie en Rose and overlooking the Eiffel Tower; Nothing about Paris, or France for that matter, is cliché! It’s no surprise it’s been the source of inspiration for many notable stories, mentioned in unforgettable films such as Casablanca, famous for Humphrey Bogart’s character Rick Blaine and his line “We’ll always have Paris.”, Audrey Hepburn’s Paris amazement in Sabrina or Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris story of Paris-enchanted screenwriter character Gil.

What’s one to do when budget doesn’t allow for actual trips to this dreamland as often as one wishes to? Well, there are other ways along with watching the aforementioned iconic films, and giving up certainly isn’t one of them. If you can’t go to France to marvel at its beauty, you can bring France’s beauty at home. It’s really that simple, just take a look at French provincial furniture for sale and prepare to be smitten. This furniture style has put a spell on me, and I believe upon setting eyes to it, no one’s able to stay immune to its charms. So, what’s so special about this style you might ask?

French Furniture
We can’t exactly say when it appeared since it’s the product of centuries of creativity, possibly over the period from the 12th to the 19th century and it’s been the object of admiration ever since it appeared. As much as it’s enchanted Frenchmen themselves, it’s also swept people off their feet worldwide and we can see the proof of this in the appearance of French provincial furniture in a 1932 September issue of the Chicago Tribune . While it was inspired by the extravagance of the French royals, kings Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI to be exact, it was actually provincial craftsmen who left their imprints and spread it around the country, so it’s a blend of elegance and simplicity.

The essence of this blend is exactly what makes this style so adored by people with different tastes, no matter whether your interior décor is modern, minimal, traditional or eclectic, you can make way for the beauty of French provincial furniture for sale. What’s typical about this style is the predominance of certain types of wood, such as walnut and oak, and the soothing colours radiating warmth and tranquillity.

When you bring the delicately carved tables, chairs and cabinets at home, your interior décor would immediately echo the elegance of French Royalty and provincial craftsmen’s traditions of bygone eras. The combination of a trip down the history of intricate furniture creating and the charms of France are the real win-win. Why wait for the faraway trip when you can enjoy the beauty of France in your very own home, now?