Ford’s Ranger has been company’s flagship off-road vehicle for over a decade. Even though it was initially meant for the US market only, the demand arose on almost all continents, including Australia. Since 1998, there have been various face-lifts and models of the Ford Ranger in order to keep up with competition. However, even if you sport an older Ranger, you can still perform some upgrades on your own. As a matter of fact, Ford allows third party part manufacturers to build custom made parts for the Ranger.

One of the most common parts Ranger owners upgrade is the exhaust. A Ranger exhaust upgrade can be necessary, if your stock one is worn out, or you can simply do it because you want more power on your off-road adventures. If the latter is the reason for buying a brand new Ranger exhaust, then you might want to consider a few factors before opening up your wallet.

As you already probably know, the exhaust system is the respiratory system of the vehicle. It’s what allows the engine to breathe. Simply put, the easier your engine breathes, the better it will perform. Not only that, but by having an exhaust system that doesn’t restrict the flow of gases, both emissions from the engine and clear oxygen from the atmosphere will increase the longevity of your engine.

Ford Ranger

Most stock exhaust systems aren’t built with performance in mind, instead manufacturers focus on making them affordable. Therefore, the materials used in stock exhausts aren’t made for extreme off-road driving. On the other hand, aftermarket exhausts are typically made of metals like aluminised and stainless steel, which are corrosion, rust and moisture resistant, as well as extremely durable in harsh conditions. Stainless and aluminised steel also have heat resistant properties and will “expand” when heated up, allowing the gases to flow unrestricted.

Besides superior performance, an exhaust upgrade can also improve vehicle’s fuel economy. The math behind this claim is very simple – oxygen reaches the engine far more easily, meaning fuel burns more efficiently. Furthermore, the toxic emissions that come out of the engine make the vehicle faster and increase the safety of both driver and passengers.

Overall, an exhaust upgrade is a very worthwhile investment that will improve your Ford on many fronts. Finding the right fit for your particular make should be relatively easy online, and there shouldn’t be any shortage of options either.