When it comes to the interior look of a home, a question that commonly divides people is whether to include a ceiling fan or not. Some think of ceiling fans as noisy and outdated, while others love them for their vintage appeal. But regardless of your taste in interior design, when the temperatures hit 30oC+, we all appreciate any refreshment we can get. And today, ceiling fans are quieter, more powerful and more stylish than ever. If you’re planning to get one for yourself, here’s what you need to consider.

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Get the Height Right

If you’re planning to do your shopping online buy fan that’s the right height for your room’s dimensions. In general, flush-mounted fans are ideal for rooms with low ceilings because they mount directly on the ceiling and thus take up less vertical space. On the other hand, fans with down rods should be reserved for rooms with high ceilings where they will be at an appropriate distance from the floor. A rule of thumb is that the ceiling fan should be at least 2.5m above the ground for optimal air.

Choose a High-quality Motor

Like any household appliance, how functional and durable the fan will be depends on what’s inside. If you’re wondering whether the fan will produce too much noise, fail to provide enough circulation or wobble – the answer lies in the motor. A good motor is especially important if you plan to use your ceiling fan very frequently. Experts usually recommend buying a fan with a DC motor, as it uses 70% less electricity than AC motors. DC motors also offer more speed options, have a reverse function, and are usually faster when it comes to starting, stopping and changing speed. When you choose a powerful motor, the number of blades won’t really be a big concern – it’s all up to your personal preference.

Settle for a Style

Before making a comeback, ceiling fans were these eyesores that only old ladies would dare to have in their living rooms. But today, it’s a whole other story. There’s an amazingly vast world of ceiling fans out there. From rustic designs to mid-century modern and sleek contemporary fans, you can find the perfect piece to complement your interior. Considering there’s such a vast offer, settling for a style can be tough. But those of you who plan to online buy fan can use filters to easily narrow down the options according to look, size, and features.