I get it, you love your dog just like it is a member of your family and as a matter of fact, it is. You do prepare food for him, bathe him, allow him to stay in the comfort of your home and love him unconditionally. The time has come for your little furry friend to get his own getaway place to relax and sink into the comfort of his new bed. But the thing is, you cannot simply enter a pet’s store and buy the first bed that comes to sight. Nope. As a part of your family, you would surely want to provide your little new friend with the best there is.

So, to make your task less stressful, save yourself time and money and hit some of the stores (or online sites) where you know you can find dog beds for sale. To make it easier for you, I did my research and gathered a few tips on how to choose the best dog bed. Of course, it all depends on the size of your dog and breed. Take a look.


Take Measures

Yes, measure your dog. It may seem odd, but you have to know how long he is so that you can find him a suitable bed size. Once you do that, it is advisable to choose a bigger bed than your dog’s length because he will outgrow it eventually and you will surely not want to buy another one in a couple of months. Plus, consider stretching – you will want him to have plenty of space available to comfortably sleep and relax.


Besides taking the measures of his length, you need to know your dog’s weight as well. That is so because if he is large and heavy, you should definitely get him a thicker bed with denser cushions. Moreover, if the bed you purchase is not appropriate for your dog’s dimensions and weight, chances are he will refuse to sleep in it and he will keep coming back in the comfort of your blankets.


You know that it is you who is going to clean up after your dog, right? So to make that job easier for yourself, make sure you pick a bed from a washable material so that you can get rid of odours and stains easier. Do not forget to wash the bed cover or the bed itself frequently, let’s say once in a week, so that you ensure it smells good and keeps your dog happy.


And last but not least, look for a quality bed. Even if you have to look a bit harder. Looking at dog beds for sale does not mean opting for a cheaper bed. On the contrary, you can find many quality pieces at affordable prices that could save you from unnecessarily roaming the stores, and of course spare you dollars that you could spend on some other necessities for your furry friend. Choose a bed made of high-quality material that will serve your dog for many years to come. Remember, durability, comfort and quality are the top features to look in a dog bed, be it in dog beds for sale or extremely expensive ones.