Headlamps are very practical tools that we find handy in a range of different situations – be that camping trips, hunting, night walking with our dog or for simply performing some task in a dimly-lit garage. They leave your hands free for anything you need to do while still getting the needed light. When looking for the perfect headlamp it is important to keep in mind your activities and how you are planning to use it. Also, another determining factor is its features. Let’s take a look at the most important ones.


If you are planning to use your headlamp for outdoor activities, buying one that can withstand the elements is a good idea. Weather can change unexpectedly so having a waterproof headlamp on hand on a rainy day while camping, hiking or hunting can be a lifesaver. The water resistance of electronics is usually rated on the IPX scale from 0 to 8. However, most of the headlamps that are built for outdoor use usually have at least an IPX-4 level of waterproofing. This offers protection from splashes from any direction for about 5 minutes while IPX-7 means that the headlamp can withstand submersion for at least 30 minutes up to 1m.


When it comes to brightness, the more of it is not necessarily better. It depends on what you are planning to use the headlamp for. Almost all lights come with low, medium and high mode so here are some general tips when it comes to brightness. Headlamps with lower lumens are a good choice for camping in the dark, doing close-up work, reading in the tent, walking the dog or in cases when you are in a group of people where extremely bright light can be annoying. On the other hand, headlamps with higher lumens are good for night hiking, running in the dark, skiing or mountain biking.

Power Sources

No power no light. The power source of your waterproof headlamp can make a huge difference in how useful the device is. If you are looking for a headlamp for dog walking, evening runs or weekend epics then a rechargeable light is a great choice. But if you are planning to travel with it, a headlamp that uses batteries such as AA or AAA is a much better idea. If you decide to go with rechargeable light, you can recharge it using almost any power source from portable power banks, wall outlets, solar chargers or AC chargers. On the other hand, if you decide to buy a light that works with batteries, choose one that uses AA or AAA as they are easily replaceable and you can find them anywhere. There is also a third option that can be powered by both batteries or USB, so if you cannot make up your mind whether to choose rechargeable or replaceable batteries, with these headlamps you can have the best of both worlds.