Finally, summer! Long sunny days and endless party nights. It seems like everything and everyone is in a whole different state of mind in summertime. But are you ready to embrace all of its delights and head for the beach? True, having a swimsuit that fits you and sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays is all you need, but you are not that kind of basic gal, are you? I know you crave a sun kissed curly hair, beautiful beachwear complemented with woman accessories that scream uniqueness, and an ice cold cocktail in your hand. Yes, Heaven on Earth!

So how about you wear your favourite summer dress, put your coolest straw hat on, grab your stylish beach bag and just head for the beach and do all those things you were dreaming of doing the entire winter? Be it just a simple one-coloured dress, or a combination of a t-shirt and shorts in trendy summer colours, the right choice of woman accessories will bring your outfit to another level.


In the past, women’s hats were regarded as the accessory without which women did not leave their homes. Shine or rain, the well-dressed girls would never go out without incorporating the ultimate women accessories in their look, depending on the occasion. But even today, going out in the heat of the sun without the proper stylish sun protection is a fashion crime you should not dare commit. But finding the right hat for you can sometimes can be quite a challenge as there are so many styles available on the market. It is important to select the one that fits the shape of your face, suits your height, and of course your budget.

If you are aiming at beach hats, wide brim straw hats are the hottest choice this summer. Starting from 1941, it seems that the past few years these hats have reached the peak of their popularity. They are a great looking accessory if you are searching for a little extra sun protection. A gorgeous wide brimmed hat, a swimsuit cover-up and some water friendly jewellery are enough to bring a little glam to your look.

But let’s not disregard beach bags as well. The ones made of straw are also among the top must have women accessories for this summer and they come in all sizes and shapes. Small straw bags are perfect for women who need to carry their basic stuff only, and the large ones are a great choice for those who like to pack their essentials for spending a long day at the beach.

So, stop wasting your time trying to pull together different pieces of clothing trying to stand out from the rest. Just put on your straw hat and beach bag that goes well with it, and voila, you are all set. Women accessories have the power to make every outfit a combination to remember.