All Mother Nature’s qualities are divine. Everything has its purpose and fits just right into the circle of life, where we humans have the greatest purpose of them all – to take good care of it, but we also have the pleasure of enjoying all she can provide us with.


Essential oils are one of nature’s most delicate gifts to humanity. I simply adore them and consider them a piece of nature in a bottle. It really depends on how they are made and the quality of the herbs they are made of (meaning if they are organic or not), but I strongly believe they represent Mother Nature in all its glory. You could find essential oils from almost all kinds of herbs and plants, but what I always have in my personal spa-kit is lavender essential oils. Lavender has extraordinary relaxing and healing qualities that anyone could appreciate and benefit from.

The variety of benefits and uses lavender oil offers is why I always have in my home and in my travel-kit. Here are some of the most important ones.

Lavender herb and essential oil

People that have sensitive skin prone to irritation and acne are often advised to turn to lavender essential oils since it can sooth almost any kind of low level irritation, as well as burns, sunburns, insect bites, stings, etc. (that is why I have it in my travel-kit). It is used to calm down irritated facial skin and is also known to help with the endless fight with abscesses and acne. You could also use it as a facial mask before bedtime. You just need to gently massage your face with a few drops and let it relax both the sensations in your skin and your mind.

Having a nice relaxing massage with lavender essential oils could do much for your body and spirit. First off, its light, floral and woody scent is able to revitalize your mind and calm the nerves, thus helping you cope with tension, depression, exhaustion, headaches and insomnia. Next, it can help sooth your whole body on a physical level alone by relieving tension and pain in the muscles and bones. That is why it is used for problems such as rheumatism, arthritis and lumbago. I also helps relive the symptoms from the common cold, throat infections, bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma, etc.

Finally, just add it to your warm bath water and in your vaporiser and create your personal spa feeling at home. That is what I do on weekends in order to get more relaxed, well rested and ready for the upcoming week.