By now we know we’re lucky to be part of the 21st century due to all the technological advancements, but there’s also another reason doubling this luck: the numerous opportunities at our disposal. Considering almost all humankind worldwide today comes from one founding African population, most of which started relocating about 100.000 years ago looking for better living conditions, migration is in our genes. Migration has never been easier than it is today, so it’s not surprising we’re witnesses of large scale migrations, with Australia being one of the top desired destinations.

According to the UN’s latest Human Development Report based on several factors such as life expectancy, wealth, gender equality and education, Australia is among the top best countries to live in, coming in second on the list. While migration is at the benefit of foreigners, it’s also businesses that get to thrive on foreign labour as well bearing in mind the low unemployment rate and shortages of skilled workers. This is where employer sponsorship Australia makes use of, meeting the needs of both parties.

Employer Sponsorship Australia

This kind of sponsorship relies on visas which enable Australian employers to gain access to skilled labour, both from skilled workers overseas and skilled temporary Australian residents. However, just because foreign labour is highly valued doesn’t mean everyone gets employed. It’s important to have in mind, whether you get a sponsorship or not depends on your own skills and qualifications which is why it’s important to do your homework and check if your skills are in demand. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have published a skilled occupation list on their website so that’s a good starting point to see if your skills are on the list. In case you’re a business owner, make sure you apply to become a standard business sponsor (SBS) primarily, so you can be eligible for the sponsorship program.

Though engineering managers, chemical engineers, architects, project builders, medical administrators, accountants, cardiologists and paediatricians are among the careers high in demand, it doesn’t mean there aren’t many others too that haven’t made the list. It’s up to you to do a thorough research and target companies that would require your skills by first preparing your resume the best way you can, a cover letter and a plan outlining your expertise. Of course, even if you do find the reliable company, no one’s to say your visa application and approval process would go smooth, and this is where with your employer sponsorship Australia migration agency can help you – one that has experience in dealing with migration services and has the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) certification.

The same goes for business owners; reputable migration agents can help you out, guiding you through the whole process, first choosing the visa suitable for you and the future employee, be it the 457 visa program or the 186, then assist you with collecting all the necessary paperwork. Leaving it in the hands of professionals can save you money and time so it’s best getting their guidance to ensure employer sponsorship success.