Given that technology is constantly being updated, lucky for us some devices have become affordable and available for general use. Such is the case of 3D printers and if you’ve wanted one now is the time to get it.

Though it’s not that recent of a concept as we tend to think, as its beginnings go back to the 1980s, starting with Hideo Kodama’s photopolymers in 1981, followed by Charles Hull’s stereolithography, 3D printing is now available for the home users too.

The range of desktop 3d printer is wide, and depending on your personal needs, features of preference, model, as well as budget, you are sure to find the right one. Though not many think of it as the essential investment, there are more ways you’re going to find it useful to consider it as such.

At the click of a button you can create whatever you set your mind to. Moreover, it’s going to cut down your shopping time because why buy when all you have to do is print your own. There are two ways about it: using others’ designs or yours.

Let me put this in an example: you’re in need of a cable organiser to put those chargers and cables in neat order, and instead of purchasing, you can have your own organisers in the shapes, sizes and colours you need. Just download ready-made designs and print!

What’s fun about 3D printing is when you get your own desktop 3d printer you have the possibility to start exploring the world of designs yourself too. Sure, it’s easy to print what someone else already designed but using software you can create something unique, entirely yours.

Whatever it is you need around the home, be it tools, utensils, or pieces you’re missing from your jewellery or belt for instance, no shopping needed, that’s what the printer is for. Think of the design, draw it, choose the software and filament, and print.

Furthermore, if you want to decorate filling your interior décor with pieces to personalise it with well it’s simple, print out your miniatures and decorations. Misplaced an item? Don’t waste time looking for it, produce it! Want to surprise a loved one? Invent something especially for them.

Besides, it’s the activity you can use to bond with your family and kids, having fun drawing and printing items together. Perhaps you were avoiding getting them a toy they were asking for a while, so instead of spending more money buying it, make it at home!