Statistics have shown that the average Australian household spends about $94 a week eating out, resulting in a total of $45 billion a year. What this means is that diners and restaurants have quite the business to handle. But although the hospitality business is very profitable, many owners overlook a few important aspects that could give them a lot more return on their investments. So if you happen to own a dining place but you are not getting the revenues you’ve expected, here are some tips to help you increase your profits.

Have a Representable and Awesome Staff

cotton aprons

Regardless of how delicious your food may be, if your staff is not competent and friendly, customers won’t feel welcomed, and chances are, they will not come back. Also, make sure that everyone who is on the floor is dressed properly – with their uniforms being clean and ironed. But if you want to attract a better crowd, plain and boring uniforms will not do. If the ambience in your restaurant is more laid-back, choose more chic uniforms, or if you don’t have the budget to entirely change the uniforms, just change your servers’ aprons.

When it comes to style and colour, choose one that matches your staff’s needs and your restaurant’s décor. But when it comes to material, we highly recommend choosing cotton aprons. Cotton is a breathable, sturdy yet lightweight material, which makes cotton aprons the ideal choice for warmer climates. Beside aesthetics, aprons will also provide protection against spills and stains. This is also an indicator of attention to detail and hygiene, which I’m sure your customers will recognise and appreciate.

Refresh Your Menu

If your menu is still the same as it was a couple years ago, it is high time you added some new dishes to it. Check some current restaurant trends and see if they fit in your restaurant’s overall style. If yes, why not try to add them to your menu and see how your guests like them? Try customising the trends and add a dash of uniqueness to the dishes you serve – be that the way they are cooked or presented.

Get Involved with the Community

There are many ways that you can do this. For example, you can host a charity dinner with part of the funds going to a good cause, sponsor a small event or a youth activity. Beside being good for your restaurant’s public image, doing something good for your community will also make you feel good and will help those in need.

Be a Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Making dining out with children easier for parents can certainly increase the chances of them coming back to your restaurant. If you have booths as a dining option, give those tables to families with kids – I promise you the kids will love the set up! Be equipped with booster seats and high chairs, and if possible, offer them colouring sheets (but make sure to ask the parents if that’s okay with them). An assortment of stuffed animals, cars, and small dolls stored in a small basket is another simple and affordable way to keep kids entertained while waiting for their food. You want your place to emit nothing but good vibes!